10 February 2020

Soak pioneers industry’s first Eco Wash Bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

In August 2019, Soak launched the industry’s first (and only) wash bag made from 100% RPET, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Each bag is made from at least 8 recycled bottles. Within the first production run, over 100,000 plastic bottles have already been diverted from oceans and landfills protecting thousands of wildlife normally affected by plastic bottles.

The newest offering in the Eco Wash Bag line is the Soakbox set – pairing one bottle of travel size Soak, stylishly matched to its coordinating slim Eco Wash Bag. Everything you need for machine washing with Soak.

The Eco Wash Bags not only align with Soak’s stunning visual branding, providing a wider range of color and size choices to the retailer and consumer, but also lead the industry in sustainability, being made of entirely recycled material. Soak is once again turning an outdated single SKU category into a fresh and profitable opportunity for merchandising and revenue. Truly Soakworthy.

Soak, the leading international modern laundry care brand has pioneered the use of 100% post-consumer resin bottles since first using them in 2012. By using recycled plastic for their bottles, Soak diverts over 6 tons of virgin plastic each year reducing their carbon footprint by 15.6 tons of CO2 emissions.

Soak’s transparent bottle speaks to the transparency of the brand’s values and positioning, while simultaneously enabling consumers to develop an emotional connection with the product and brand. Consumers trust Soak with the delicate items they value most.

The iconic shape of the Soak Eco Wash bag adds function through form, allowing for full use of space and ease of access. In addition, the hangtags reinforce the innovative material choice and the Soakworthy philosophy of the brand. The Eco Wash Bag is available in two formats, slim and generous, stylishly matched to each Soak scent.

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