REVEALED: Mature content lingerie for ages 50+ by Kimmay Caldwell

5 May 2020

In popular culture we place great value on youth. Most commonly, society defines beauty by young standards, prefers younger workers, and celebrates accomplishments with 30 Under 30 lists. And in most fashion industries: we market to the young. But is that the best choice?

Catering to the 20’s and 30’s demographics is a crowded space, but it’s the 50+ crowd that has a great deal of resources. Not to mention, they also have a deep desire for support, comfort, and to redefine the standards of beauty. All of which can be accomplished with lingerie and undergarments. Before you forget the 50+ age group, think again. Below are some brands who know the power of communicating with an older audience, along with intimate insight from clientele aged 50 and over themselves.

Lonely Label

Lonely Label


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