1 April 2020

Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences? What does The Underargument mean and who is behind it?

My background very much influenced The Underargument. I grew up in a constant melting pot between my upbringing in France, my Ivorian half, my moves to London then Sydney then back to London. Plus, an eclectic professional background from working in media, working at a PR agency specialising in Hip-Hop and making a move to Fashion which was interrupted by a short stint working for an online florist… These experiences were rich in perspectives. They also forced me to learn to mould my identity to situations, become a chameleon, learn when to be myself, and when to be what others needed me to be. Basically, becoming a version of me that would be more “acceptable” for all, and that wasn’t ideal.


REVEAL the ins and outs of the ever-changing intimate apparel industry. UNCOVER the desires of the consumer. DISCOVER the innovations in design, trend and production. SHOW OFF the improvements of inclusivity in the industry. TEACH the importance of the perfect fitting bra. ELEVATE key intimate apparel brands and retailers driving the industry. CELEBRATE the beauty of intimate apparel in all forms. WATCH the up and coming brands that provide innovative products. PROVOKE thought on a world that’s changing and evolving. LEAD the industry by providing information relevant for all. And finally SHARE with you our PASSION, for LINGERIEFASHION, and DESIGN!

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